Craftmanship and specialisation.


“With talent you will win a game, but with team work and intelligence you will win championships

(Michael Jordan)”.


Team work is one of the pillars Bia Design corporate strategy has always been based on.

The search for professional partnerships, able to maintain the required quality standards, ensuring a craftsmanship that is exclusive for our made in Italy, has always been the principle on which the activity of choosing our suppliers has been based on.


Bia Design consists of national excellence, that are the outcome of time tested careful screening and collaborations.


The transfer of information between the various labourers and the collaboration between them is crucial for the project’s implementation to go on uniformly on all fronts, leaving nothing to chance.


Our international designers, updated and sensitive to market changes will flank our customer form the very beginning, proposing various layouts combined to likewise materials and products that have been specially designed. The image customisation and study are critical factors for the success of any creation.


La falegnameria

Posa in opera