From design to execution


"In my life I had so many different works, which however had a common denominator, be in contact with people.

This is something I always liked to do, meet new people, engage in a dialogue with them, know their needs and try to meet them with professionalism and passion."


I love to put myself to test, face new challenges, make available to my customers my expertise and share the success of the final results we achieved together.


When I was 40 years old I decided to conduct a nice race in new and charming places like those of the Italian entrepreneurship, being experienced and aware on the role covered.


The aim is to take made in Italy furnishings to the world in a new shape, original and customised, playing the role of the customer, looking with his/her own yes, because only this way you can get what he/she really wants."


Alessandro De Vecchi

CEO Bia Design & Solution