An offer that is the result of a research


The survey of the location allows us to fully understand the relevant sector, and customer’s modus operandi, being therefore able to appreciate its positive aspects as well as those that need to be improved.


In RETAIL, furnishings are an instrument of work, a sales support that shall meet customers aesthetical and functional requirements, but shall also be able to keep pace with the times, to embrace the most innovative elements proposed by the design and adopt them, enriching and updating their layout.


The execution of a project, the study of a brand’s communication and image and lighting design, represent the beating heart of our offer, the centrepiece from which we start to create and outline the finished product.

A pool of experienced designers with International expertise will complement our customer for every single change or proposal to create an absolutely perfect tailor cut dress.


Our own production allows each customer to follow step by step the creation of his/her furnishings, and experience first hand the quality of the materials used.

The creation and delivery times are the same in Italy as well as abroad thanks to the important partnerships we have with agencies that manage international carriage and connected customs procedures.


Our turnkey service complements our offer. Exclusive Italian teams go round the world to provide typical restructuring services, ensuring our made in Italy professionalism as well as competitive prices thanks to our structured and trusted partnerships.


Assembling is for us a very important stage, it is carried out step by step directly by our company, in order to finalise and complete everything as determined.


As of today 100% of our projects have been tested in due times!