Our goal



Bia Designs goal is to create a customised product starting from Client’s expectations, from his/her needs, his/her desires and requirements, not forgetting the relevance of the best performance/quality ratio.

The high quality level of customised made in Italy furnishings at standard price is ensured by a strategically flexible corporate structure as well as by its flagship exclusive partnerships, and by its active participation to the realization of any single product. Bia Design is not a Contractor but designs, produces and markets

customised products.




The RETAIL, PRIVATE and HEALTH CARE sectors….all can have the chance to have a Bia Design product, thanks to the flexibility of our offer and to the experience gained by its founder in pharmacies interior design, we will make available to our customers a complete and accurate know how that has in the attention to details its main priority.

All this to an extremely competitive price, seeing is believing!